Label generator
Your advantage of the use of barcode labels shortly explained:
Faster data collection, reducing of errors and thus saving of time and money.
You can generate and then print the adhesive labels suitable for your stock items.
You can find an accurate manual and what you need to be mindful of here.

You must make sure that you have set the actual size on your printer (no scale), otherwise the labels will not fit on the label paper.
Now get to your order in just 4 steps via the scan function!

  • Generate and print out barcode labels here via manual entry or Excel import.
  • Attach the barcode labels to the shelf or storage compartment.
  • Scan the barcode of the desired item if required and put the item in the basket. (also works without reception)
  • Are all items in the basket? You can complete and send your order as soon as you have reception again.
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