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Efficient heating with modern heaters
A modern heating system provides pleasant warmth and works very efficiently. This is made possible by complementary components and suitable accessories.
The right heating accessories enable easy installation and safe operation of heating systems of all kinds. This is ensured, for example, by reliable safety devices, mixers and control valves. Membrane expansion tanks for heating, drinking water and solar are also useful heating accessories, as well as the matching cap valves, wall brackets and tank connection groups. In addition to state-of-the-art and energy-efficient circulation pumps, there are also suitable screw connections for pumps, as well as seals, check valves and other connection accessories. Other components, such as heating distributors and underfloor heating manifolds distribute the heat to the individual radiators or to the various heating circuits.

The heating output can come from conventional radiators, a surface heating system or, for example, also heated skirting boards. If necessary, heat exchangers allow heating systems and other components to connect to each other, without the possibility of mixing the different media during heat exchange. Trapped air in heating systems can not only cause disturbing noises in pipes and radiators, but also cause damage to the system. If trapped air bubbles are present in the solar system circuit, the system sometimes works less effectively and may be prone to malfunctioning. Therefore, it is advisable to keep the heating and solar system free of trapped air bubbles through effective ventilators.

Chimney stoves and pellet stoves have been enjoying increasing popularity over recent years. The visible chimney fire not only creates a cosy ambience, but the heat radiated from the stoves is often said to be particularly pleasant. Heating with renewable raw materials such as wood or wood pellets also enjoys a positive reputation. It’s not just the installation room that is heated by the stove, but in models with water compartments, energy can also be delivered to the existing heating system.

Correct setting up and connection of the fireplace and pellet stoves is best achieved with the appropriate accessories. Accessories and firing materials, such as fireplace utensils and fire lighters, make the stove easy and comfortable to operate.

Solar technology and geothermal energy includes components, system components and accessories that enable the use of geothermal or solar energy. Above all, the installation of solar systems for heating service water or for heating support is a popular and effective measure to further reduce the consumption of fossil fuels.

Pipe collectors or flat collectors convert solar energy into thermal energy, which can be stored or made available to the heating circuit. Complete solar packages contain all the components required for building a solar system, and are available in various designs.

Components for oil installations enable safe storage of heating oil and ensure reliable oil supply to the heating system. Modern heating oil tanks, which can be combined in the form of battery tanks, can be used in the modernisation of existing oil heating systems or in new buildings. A reliable connection is ensured by appropriate connection accessories, such as filling and emptying pipes together with suitable filling pipe seals and vents. Copper oil pipes, anti-siphon valves, heating oil filters and heating oil deaerators ensure the secure connection of the oil tank and the oil boiler. Specialised maintenance tolls for heating oil enables the servicing of heating oil tank systems and oil supply.

Modern heat generators form the heart of every heating system. Heat is generated by means of natural gas or fuel oil, but also by fuels such as firewood or wood pellets. Gas condensing boilers or modern oil condensing boilers optimally exploit the energy contained in the fuel and are today the standard for new installations as well as for the modernisation of old heating systems.

Boilers such as pellet boilers and solid fuel boilers, which can be operated with biogenic fuels, are also becoming increasingly popular and today, thanks to modern heating control systems, are just as comfortable as ever. Suitable buffer tanks can temporarily store the generated heat, while hot water tanks and freshwater stations ensure service water is always hot.

Components of heating systems are sometimes exposed to high loads during operation, so it is all the more important to have a reliable supply with suitable spare parts for firing and heating. Even high-quality heating components break down due to wear and must then be replaced by a suitable replacement part.

This can affect both gas and oil heating, but also regulators, pumps and underfloor heating distributors. When it comes to the maintenance of heating systems, wear parts often require replacing at regular intervals. This includes parts such as oil burner nozzles, oil filter inserts and ignition electrodes in oil heating, but also various components of gas heating systems. The right spare part extends the life of the system and enables safe operation.

Modern control technology components and suitable thermostats enable energy-efficient and environmentally friendly operation of heating systems. These allow, for example, weather-related control of the heating system, to provide only the amount of energy that is actually needed. In addition, modern heating controllers allow control of the heating system depending on the time of day and the respective day of the week, control burners and pumps, and ensure that the domestic water heating system is adapted to meet requirements.
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