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Backflush filters and domestic water stations

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Innovative systems for water treatment
In our product range we present modern technologies for optimal water treatment. High-quality and innovative domestic water stations and backflush filters, allow for the production for high-quality drinking water. The following explanations describe the most important functions and advantages of the innovative water treatment systems.

Domestic water station
The domestic water station is responsible for constantly supplying the household with filtered drinking water. In addition to this main task, it ensures reduced water pressure in domestic water pipes. To avoid the backflow of contaminated water into the drinking water network, the station is installed directly behind the water meter. Typically, it has an integrated shut-off valve.

Drinking water flows through the backflow preventer, which has a valve ball to prevent backflow when no water is flowing. The advantages of this system is clear: no foreign elements can be washed in and there is less pipe damage. Therefore, it is recommended to combine it with a backflush filter.

The most important models in this category include:
Backflush filter
These systems for water treatment are types of regular water filters. They filter contaminants such as sand out of the water, protecting the service line from dirt and wear. That's why these filter components are indispensable for modern domestic water technology.

The functionality of the special filters has been specially designed for drinking water systems. This can be seen in the proven drinking water backflush filters, including the connection piece, which can be ordered and are suitable for an inlet pressure of up to 16 bar. These low-maintenance water filters with backflow preventers offer excellent protection against contamination and calcification of domestic water pipes and fittings. This significantly reduces the risk of pipe bursts. Typically, filter cartridges are made of stainless steel and consist of two elements, the main filter and the backwash system.

Relevant product features of filters include the nominal diameter, the temperature characteristics, the total height, the installation options and the filter fineness. Some filter systems are equipped with a pressure reducer and also have a pressure gauge, which makes it possible to adjust the pressure individually. This manometer usually includes a drain funnel.

Drinking water preparation
Water treatment helps to keep the pipes free of calcification and dirt. It turns tap water into valuable drinking water. A cleaning filter cartridge for the filtration system is required to ensure that the water is actually clean. An activated carbon filter captures not only taste-changing substances, but also germs. For such a filter to function optimally, it should be replaced at regular intervals.

Modern water treatment plants makes it possible to reduce the hardness of tap water. This not only protects the pipes, but also household appliances. Faucets, flushing elements and shower enclosures also benefit from decalcified water. Last but not least, consumers can look forward to reduced energy consumption, as limescale automatically increases the energy consumption.

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