Clamp and cutting ring connection

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Clamping and cutting ring connections enable
the connection of different types of pipes.
Clamping and cutting ring connections enable the connection of different types of pipes. The connection is made by simply tightening the screw connection with a spanner. Welding or soldering of the lines is not necessary, nor is the use of other sealants. With compression fittings, a clamping ring is used as a sealing element, while in a cutting ring screw connection, a cutting ring is used. This cuts into the pipe surface when the screw connection is tightened. With compression fittings, the clamping ring is pressed between the body of the screw connection and the pipe surface to seal the connection.

Compression fittings are available in numerous designs for various applications. Depending on the design, they can be used in heating installations, solar thermal systems or drinking water installations. If suitable, they can also be used in compressed air systems and in the installation of heating oil lines. If the screw connections are used in connection with drinking water pipes, they must be tested and approved accordingly. Cutting ring connections are often made of galvanized steel, while brass is often used for screw connection bodies with a clamping ring. For special applications, stainless steel can be used as material for the compression fitting. A brass compression fitting for copper pipe allows copper pipes to be connected without time-consuming soldering.

If thin-walled pipes and pipes made of soft material need to be connected, a reinforcing sleeve, which is also available, can be used. Special screw connections with clamping rings are also available for multi-layer composite piping. Also available is an insulating separation screw connection with cutting ring fittings on both sides which interrupts the conductive connection of metal pipes. This allows corrosion to be avoided if different metals are used in a system. Matching cutting rings and sealing rings for the various screw connections are available individually or as a complete range. This allows you to have always the right sealing ring to hand.

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