Malleable cast iron clamp connector for steel pipe, small flue tube, gas

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Malleable cast iron clamp connectors enable steel pipes to be connected
or sealed - without any complicated welding or thread cutting.
Depending on the design, they can be used to expand pipe systems or to repair damaged pipelines. The clamp connectors and clamp fittings are available in various variants, which are adapted to the respective application. This means that they can be used in a variety of applications, for example in heating installations, for fire extinguishing pipes or in air conditioning technology. Special malleable cast iron clamp connectors allow gas pipes to be connected or the existing gas installation to be extended. In addition, clamp connectors are also available for small flue tubes which can be used in conjunction with water, compressed air or heating oil.

If malleable cast iron connectors are used in drinking water installations, both the clamp connectors and the seals used must be suitable and approved for this purpose. When renovating old buildings and extending existing pipe installations, clamp connectors are especially suitable for creating clean transitions. This means that complicated welding of steel pipes is no longer necessary, and time-consuming cutting of threads is also avoided. The elements of the clamp connector, such as the sealing ring, clamping ring and conical nut, are pushed onto the clean and straight pipe end during assembly according to the instructions. The pipe can then be inserted into the screw connection body and the conical nut tightened.

Depending on the design, the clamp connector accommodates pipes of different diameters. Using tapping sleeves which are also available, an additional branch can be made on existing pipelines. While tapping sleeves made of malleable cast iron can be used in conjunction with steel pipes, suitable tapping sleeves made of brass are available for copper pipes. Sealing clamps are also available in both versions. They facilitate quick and uncomplicated repair of holes and cracks in pipelines. Comprehensive repair kits, which can be used to quickly seal leaks and easily repair damaged pipelines, are incredibly practical. The repair cases contain different sealing clips or clamp connectors, depending on the version, e.g. for copper pipes or steel side-pipes.

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