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Our extensive professional quality range
Our plumbing catalogue contains a wide range of plumbing and bath items. We list the categories individually to enable you to find items more easily. The wide range of bathroom products are all of a high quality standard.
Our bathroom furniture is perfect for cosy bathrooms and offers plenty of space-saving solutions. Furniture is a highlight of our online plumbing catalogue, covering everything from washbasin base cabinets to consoles. Wall-mounted bathroom cabinets don’t take up any floor space and make tile cleaning easier. Pedestals and high cabinets are perfect for larger bathrooms. To save space or create storage, our smaller wall cupboards, shelves and mirror cupboards are an excellent choice. Whether it comes in wood effect, bright white or another design, all the bathroom furniture is of course resistant to moisture and water splashes. This makes these items durable, solid pieces in any bathroom.

Our bathroom furniture range

As an online plumbing wholesaler, we offer a range of innovative, high-quality bath fittings. These ensure the perfect water supply, be it at the washbasin, in the bathtub or from the shower. The variety of fittings ranges from the proven, timeless single-lever mixers to two-handle taps in classic designs. There are wall and stand fittings, which can be adapted to the individual fittings in the bathroom.

Current shower systems are often a combination of overhead shower and hand shower. Of course, a thermostat is needed, which ensures that the water comes out at the desired temperature. Depending on the space available, there is a choice of wall-mounted and flush-mounted shower fittings.

Bathtub fittings and tray inlets are available in several shapes and designs. Whether curved or straight and futuristic, all fittings are ideally stylistically tailored to one another. This creates a harmonious look in modern bathrooms.
Our plumbing range includes sinks, kitchen taps and other kitchenware. Depending on the room and the individual design, various sinks and fittings are available for private or commercial use. These are often built-in sinks, which are available as single or double sinks in various sizes.

Our kitchen series include
the following items:

Our bath and shower trays are available in high-quality designs, which impress with their elegant shape and their durability. Modern series are available in the right size for any bathroom, enabling a precise installation. The appealing designs not only emphasise the wellness features of the bathroom, but also reach high levels of comfort.

Corner baths are also available as XXL tubs for two people. Our free-standing bathtubs create a more spacious effect than classic built-in baths. Depending on the style, these can be completed with a tiled floor or stand on their own feet.

The durable shower trays as well as the bathtubs are available in sanitary acrylic, mineral cast, steel enamel or composite material. The modern shower trays have many impressive features, including their flat design, which allows for particularly easy access.
As a plumbing expert, we offer modern and durable bathroom products for every need.
Our bathroom ceramics include:

High-class stability is a matter of course in modern plumbing acrylic. Designs range from traditional-classic to modern and unusual. The shapes of washbasins, WCs and baths are equally diverse. The extra features available with some bathroom ceramics also affect the comfort level of the bathroom. So, we also offer shower toilets and other future-proof solutions for the individual wellness bathroom. Single standing bathtubs, WCs for wall mounting or standalone models, washbasins with or without pedestal, our wholesale range for heating/plumbing is extensive.
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