Washbasin fittings

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Functional washbasin fittings for every application
Washbasin fittings allow comfortable hand-washing or the comfortable extraction of water for personal hygiene. They are fitted in bathrooms or WCs in conjunction with washbasins or handwash basins. Various models and designs mean you can select the right washbasin fittings for every installation site. The design can also be chosen to match the respective washbasin and also influence the appearance of the bathroom, as desired.

Single-lever mixers in single-hole mounting are some of the most frequently used washbasin fittings. This style of outlet fitting can be installed in conjunction with washbasins and sinks with a single tap hole. The flow and the desired water temperature can be conveniently controlled with one hand. If a single-lever fitting is to be installed alongside a counter-top sink, a corresponding height can be selected. Depending on model, modern single-lever mixers have practical functions, such as:
  • integrated scald protection
  • a water-saving function
  • or an adjustable temperature-limiter

Many models are equipped with a pop-up drain set, which allow convenient operation of the drain valve via the washbasin fittings. If this function is not desired, single-lever mixers without drain sets are also available. Sensor fittings, which trigger the water flow through an integrated infrared sensor are also particularly practical. This is hugely beneficial, particularly in terms of hygiene, as there is no need to touch the drain fittings at the handwash basin. The water stops automatically after the washing process is finished or after a configurable run-on time.

Other washbasin fittings are available, in addition to the frequently used single-lever mixers, are available, such as drain fittings for wall mounting or modern flush-mounted fittings. For washbasins with three tap holes, three-hole fittings are also available, which are characterised by retro-inspired design. Modern flush-mounted fittings, however, are ideal for use with counter-top washbasins without tap holes. This design is always more popular and can be implemented in new builds or bathroom renovations. Seldom in modern bathrooms, however, frequently found in utility rooms or in laundries, are the traditional wall-mounted fittings with two screw connections. Today this style of drain fitting is available as an easy-to-use single-lever mixer. The hot water is produced at the washbasin using a depressurised hot water tank, so a special low-pressure fitting must be installed. This is different from normal single-lever mixers and has three connections. When selecting a washbasin fitting both the height and the projection should be considered. Fittings with lesser projections are available for smaller washbasins, such as those installed in guest WCs.

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