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Monsieur PURE GIN 47% Vol., 100 ml, in gift wrap Standard 1
  • Monsieur PURE GIN 47% Vol., 100 ml, in gift wrap Standard 1
  • Monsieur PURE GIN 47% Vol., 100 ml, in gift wrap Anwendung 1

Monsieur PURE GIN 47% Vol., 100 ml, in gift wrap

Our gin is distilled in copper kettles in accordance with old traditions. In addition to the base note of juniper berry, we use a variety of organic botanicals such as herbs,
spices and fruits. Enjoy this limited premium product neat, with tonic or in a range of cocktail variations.

GIN PUR – full-bodied – aromatic
This characteristically tart gin is rich and fresh in fragrance and strong on the palate with a mild finish.
Alongside herbs, berries and spices, the taste is dominated by aromatic juniper.
Where does the name Monsieur Gin come from?

Monsieur is the name of our first bull of whom we have fond memories. He have named our exquisite gin in his honour.
Our quality standards are high. Our recipe features only the finest ingredients.
Before you mix our gin into delicious cocktails, sample this limited premium product straight. Let the natural flavour course through your senses.

… in the foothills of the Swabian Alps lies the small town of Grosselfingen. Nestled on the edge of the village is the former royal estate of Homburger Hof - a relict from a bygone era dating back to the 16th century.

The estate distillery is part of our organic agriculture, whereby important components of our gin originate in our gardens: most of the herbs that give our gin its unmistakeable taste.
To ensure pure and authentic essences, the herbs are organically hand-grown with the greatest care.
Our gin is distilled in copper kettles - according to tradition, and using instinct and sound knowledge. Juniper berries give our gin its exquisite base note. Cardamom, lemon zest, lemon verbena, whole lemons, lavender, balm, rosemary, tarragon, mint, cranberries, rose petals and a selection of other herbs and spices round off the taste.
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