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We have good news!
By redesigning the app and expanding the online shop, we have succeeded in integrating even more useful functions. This means that you can shop quickly and conveniently, whether you are in the office or on the construction site.

Discover the new features
> Synchronisation
Do you also want to view your basket in the online shop?

No problem – by synchronising the online shop and the app, you can access your shopping basket, your watchlist and delivery addresses from your laptop or smartphone. As soon as you create something new, it is automatically synchronised.

> Delivery address management and pick-up
Do you want to ship goods to different locations? You can now create and save as many delivery addresses as you like in the app. Or would you like to collect the goods directly from our pick-up point in Balingen? This is now also possible.

> User management
Do you want to assign individual rights to your employees? The new user management allows you to create a separate account for each employee. This allows you to individually specify whether a person can, for example, view the net prices and place orders or only add items to the shopping basket.

> Shopping cart validation
Has your employee filled their basket but is not allowed to place orders? With shopping basket approval, you retain full control. Every employee can send you their filled shopping basket as an administrator. You can then easily add them to your basket and save on shipping costs if necessary.

> Scan function
Load your storage shelves simply and conveniently.

How does it work?
You can find product barcodes in our online shop in different printable formats.
To the label generator

With the app’s scan function, you can then just scan products, place them in the basket, and send them as an order!

Do you want to scan an EAN number? No problem. Our scanner also recognises EAN numbers.

You can buy various label sheets from us directly here. To the label sheets

> More functions
  • Offline function
  • Forms with image upload
  • Scan function
  • Gross/net price display

How do I get the WS Weinmann & Schanz app?
Just go to the Google Play store and search for WS Weinmann & Schanz.
Or to make things even easier: Scan the QR code below and it will take you straight to the WS app.
Do you have any more questions? Find out more here!
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