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Augmented Reality

The fascinating 3D bathroom experience
now at Weinmann & Schanz

From image to 3D model - From paper to a live experience
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Here’s how it works

1. Install the ViSoft-AR app

Use of a tablet is recommended to get the best out of the AR experience.

System requirements:
iOS version 12
Android version 9.0

When updates are available, they should be installed to ensure the latest version is being used.
2. Scan QR code
Open the app and scan the QR code in the Badewelt catalogue 02 I 2020 on the right next to the sketch and confirm the download. Alternatively, simply print out the PDF of the sample bathroom and scan the code.

Depending on the reception/data connection, the process can take up to 15 seconds.
3. Use the AR technology

Hold the device over the relevant outline, open the project and the room will be constructed virtually as a 3D model on your display.

Variant 1 – “Page” button
3D model

The closer the device is held to the outline, the more details become recognisable.

Variant 2 – “1:1” button
direct room access

Once the surrounding room has been scanned with the device, the bathroom is transferred to your realistic environment on the tablet.

To scan a new room, all you have to do is hold the device over the next QR code, which the app will recognise automatically.

An interactive bathroom experience

From 3D model

With the “ViSoft AR” app from WS, your new bathroom
project comes to life even at the planning stage. To do so, scan the QR code, which can be found next to the outline, with your smartphone or tablet.
The app then projects the bathroom in 3D on your smartphone/tablet.

If you turn the plan or the tablet/smartphone, the perspective changes accordingly. You can therefore look at the bathroom from all angles and zoom in.

to room access

Do you want to walk straight in to the bathroom? No problem. The 1:1 function allows you to enter the bathroom - as if you were standing there and looking around.

Take a look at the sink, the shower or the entire room from all sides. Experience how the items you have selected from the latest collections look in realistic, 3D detail. Virtually on your smartphone or tablet.

With the aid of the innovative AR technology, you can enjoy a
special 3D experience, bringing the bathroom of your dreams
within touching distance!

Download the “ViSoft AR” app free of charge now

The ViSoft AR bathroom experience - only in conjunction with the new
evenes Badwelten catalogue edition 02 | 2020

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