Plumbing and heating tools

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Depend on good, reliable tools

Heating and plumbing tools are used for installation of new systems but also for repairs and maintenance work. Whether for heating or plumbing tools –
It is not only important to be able to depend on good, reliable tools for on-site installation.

Selection of various tools for working with pipes

  • Various designs of pipe cutters,
    with which metal or plastic pipes
    can easily be cut to length by hand

  • Power tools such as circular pipe saws
    and a pipe cutting machine,
    which make work easier and allow
    larger pipe diameters to be used

  • Press fittings for connecting pipes

    Press fittings are often used nowadays to connect pipes which are properly fitted using a radial press
    or cordless crimping tool.

    If pipes and fittings are to be connected using the soft soldering method, using contact soldering devices with no flame is advisable as they are particularly safe.

    Test for leak tightness

    The finished pipe installation can then be checked with a pressure test pump or a leak testing device
    for leak tightness.

    To seal pipes temporarily, a
    shut-off bladder can also be used as necessary.

    Cleaning and inspection of pipes

    Various special tools are also available for pipe cleaning, which
    can be used for cleaning or inspection of
    waste water pipes.

    Manual pipe cleaning devices and electric pipe cleaning machines remove blockages
    in waste water pipes without much effort.

    Maintenance of air-conditioning units

    Tools like refrigeration equipment or a handheld refractometer are used, on the other hand, in the field of solar technology and air-conditioning to service air-conditioning units,
    or to check anti-freeze protection for liquids.

    Special plumbing tools make installation of plumbing items and fittings in buildings easier and include, for example, special screwdrivers and pipe socket wrenches for taps.

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