Pipe and channel systems

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Appropriate pipes and ducts for any purpose

Waste air that is produced in rooms can be conveyed outdoors via ventilation and various Pipe and duct systems, where the air outlet can be fitted with an appropriate ventilation hood or a weather protection grille. There are various plastic Round pipe systems and Flat pipe systems available in this respect, which can be installed using a flat ventilation duct and waste air pipe, even in tight spaces. Flexible ventilation pipes are really adaptable, and can be easily laid in cavities or ceilings, for example. Insulated pipe systems have improved noise insulation and thermal insulation, which ensures that air inside the pipe cannot cool down quickly. Numerous waste air pipes, plastic flat ducts and appropriate junction pieces can also be found in the Helios ventilation shop, as well as various other products from the ventilation and ventilation accessory ranges from the traditional manufacturer based in Baden-Württemberg.
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