Our contribution to society
“Joys are a must in life, and sometimes a push is needed, which we can’t forget in our hectic world” (Reiner M. Sowa)
We were given the Family Award in 2016. But it’s not just our staff that we care about, this is also the case for people in our region. It’s not a given to grow up in an environment free of violence, to be able to have a meal every day
, experience the beautiful moments in life and be healthy. In hard times, it’s often the small things that we look back on. As a business, we want to be a role model and give back a part of our success to society, and to our employees.
Particularly in regards to children and young people, we believe that, apart from financial support, it’s important to give them unforgettable moments and experiences that they can still look back on after many years. We plan trips, organise parties such as on St Nicholas Day, give out presents in-person and spend time with children and young people. We also organise work experience placement and company tours. Our employees often get involved here too.
Laughing children and beaming eyes show us how nice and fulfilling it is to take time for the essentials in life.
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