Multi-layer composite piping in rolls and rods PEX and PE-RT

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Diverse materials combined in one pipe
Multi-layer composite piping in coils and rods is available in various designs as PE-RT pipe and PEX pipe. Multi-layer composite piping is always made of several layers of different materials. This combines the positive attributes of the materials into one pipe. The inner pipe is made of polyethylene, which is enclosed by several other layers. One layer of aluminium can make PEX pipes robust and dimensionally stable. This in turn is enclosed by a further plastic layer. An additional insulating layer can also be used depending on the pipe design.

The composite pipes are available in numerous different designs, for example as PEX plastic pipe from the roll or as PE rod. They are easy to install and can be used in many different applications. The composite pipe from the roll allows longer pipe runs to be installed without additional connecting elements. It can also be easily transported and handled on the construction site. The appropriate composite pipe can be selected to fit the area of application and respective requirements. PE rods are also available in several variants and different lengths. Metal composite pipes are available in protective tubes for special requirements and operating conditions. Multi-layer composite piping can be connected with different connection systems or press systems depending on the design. Please ensure the respective PEX pipe is suitable and approved for use with the corresponding press system. The pipes can be used for numerous applications in heating installations or for industrial applications. Depending on the design, PEX pipe can reliably convey drinking water or service water to its destination. If PEX pipes are used with drinking water, they must be tested accordingly and approved for this purpose. For hot water and service water, the maximum permissible temperature must be observed.

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