Multi-layer composite piping system WS-Press (TH-contour)

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The WS-Press multi-layer composite piping system enables the quick and uncomplicated installation of pipe systems using press connections.
Various types of multi-layer composite piping are available for this purpose, as well as the appropriate press fittings. Multi-layer composite piping are made of different layers of different materials. The advantages of different materials, such as plastic and aluminium, are combined in one pipe. The smooth plastic inner tube plastic is corrosion-resistant and has smooth walls, while the aluminium ensures dimensional stability and low thermal expansion. The outer layer is made of plastic, which can be covered in an insulating layer if required. The WS-Press multi-layer composite piping can be used in many different ways in heating, plumbing and drinking water installations due to the available pipe types and press fittings. If required, suitable press fittings can be used to connect composite piping and conventional pipe systems so that they can be expanded at any time using the press system. With the press system, pipes and fittings can be connected easily and quickly. A suitable crimping tool or an electric radial press are used for this. The pressing process reliably connects pipes and fittings. If multi-layer composite piping and press fittings are used for drinking water, they must be certified and approved accordingly. For plumbing and heating installations, the maximum permissible operating temperature should be observed. If suitable and approved, a composite pipe can safely conduct gas or compressed air to the usage point. Within buildings, corrugated gas pipes can also be used for this purpose, and suitable fittings are also available for this purpose. Different press systems require specific pressing jaws with specific embossing patterns. This pattern is known as the profile. It is important to always use pressing jaws with the correct profile to achieve a tight and durable connection. So, for pressing fittings with a TH profile, the crimping tool must also have a TH profile. High-quality tube press tools allow the pressing jaws to be changed quickly, allowing the press to be adapted to the respective system. Sometimes pressing jaws are included in the pipe pressing set or they are available to buy separately.

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