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All installation products from one source
As an expert in the installation industry, we offer an extensive product range. In our wholesale section, you will find all the items you need for plumbing installation, pipe connections and heating systems.

The tailor-made fittings guarantee optimal flow. Depending on the type of pipe, the shape may differ from the classic, round cross-section and be in the shape of an oval or rectangle. This is the case, for example, with gas fittings. The pipes are characterised by long-term durability. In plumbing, plastic pipes are usually used, which are easy to install and particularly resistant to all kinds of substances.

Important pipe fittings include various types of free-flow valves, non-return valves and backflow preventers. Pressing systems, water stations and water meters are also included in this category.

Measuring systems such as manometers and thermometers can also be found in our product range; in addition, there are pressure reducers, special tools and various other accessories, for example for drinking water treatment.

The right pipe connections are essential for the right domestic installation. We provide all the piping required for heating installations and water lines. This ranges from flexible armoured hoses to solid pressurised water hoses. Metal pipes, fittings and angle valves can also be found in this category.

Take a look at our various installation products and piping systems to find the right solution for your current project. Our pipe accessories include

Whether you need ball valves for heating or drinking water - we have the right shut-off valves for you. There are ball valves with full or reduced flow that both open or close with a quick turn of the handle. For precise control of the ball valve you need a valve, but generally no flow regulation is necessary in connection with these valves.

In outdoor area or in service rooms, a ball valve with hose connection makes operation easier. Depending on the location, a water meter can also be installed.

Ball valves are generally made of brass or steel and are therefore insensitive to rust and temperature fluctuations. This also applies to the gas ball valves, which can be used at any time of year.

For the perfect installation, you need modern fittings and items that make the bathroom individual and high quality. Excellent functionality is a very important feature. Finally, wall-mounted installation, pipe connections and odour traps should be durable as well as practically designed.
This requires, among other things, these components:

  • Drainage systems and feeds
  • Backflow seals
  • Seals
  • Pressure gauges

To complement our extensive range, we also offer detailed information about building services. So you can concentrate on the installation work or the renovation. When modernising plumbing systems, quality is of the utmost importance to ensure you are up to date with the latest technology. This not only makes the bathroom more attractive, it also makes it more efficient. Even changing needs in a property may require some plumbing adjustments.

For our reliable installation systems, we offer reliable building materials that allow piping to be perfectly connected and all junctions sealed. This improves the safety of domestic water distribution systems as well as other elements. They can be fitted with clamps, screws or perforated tapes. Assembly mortar and other systems also offer a long-lasting hold.

The insulation relates, for example, to the multi-layer composite piping or to the fittings. We also have products for optimum fire protection insulation. For foaming, sealing and gluing, we offer suitable PU foams, silicone and acrylic as well as adhesive, seals and other reliable systems.

Modern domestic water distribution systems are usually directly connected with the heating. This ensures good efficiency of the heater and hot water. A combined storage tank is particularly economical; this is where the service water is heated by the heat of the heating water. It becomes even more efficient through the connection to the photovoltaic system.

The new hot water tanks are relatively compact, so they don’t take up a lot of space. You can choose between depressurised and pressure-resistant devices. The depressurised, open hot water tanks are suitable for low pressure systems which are usually suitable for individual supply. The pressure-resistant closed devices are generally larger, more powerful and more expensive.

We are happy to advise you on the products from our professional shop and assist you in the selection and installation.

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