Workplace safety

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Make work easier and promote occupational safety with suitable protection

Arbeitsschutzhelm mit Helmschale aus thermoplastischem Spezialkunststoff Products in the occupational safety section help ensure employee safety and protect them against minor and even major injuries. Many activities in production as well as in crafts require special protective clothing. The wearing of personal protective equipment is also compulsory in many areas, such as safety shoes with steel caps or a workplace safety helmet. Protective helmets, protective goggles, safety shoes and special work clothing protect company employees against avoidable injuries.
Halbschuh BASE K-Speed mit Aluminiumkappe, Schutzklasse S1 With handheld lights and work lights, such as a battery LED work light, safety when working in a dark environment can be significantly increased. Special products make it easier to work in wet or very cold conditions, such as safety rubber boots or heated work shoes. In particularly noisy or dusty work environments, occupational safety products such as a dust mask or hearing protection protect employees from damaging influences.
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