Bath towel & hand towel radiators

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Bathroom radiators provide comfortable heat in bathrooms,
all year round
You can choose from classic designs for connection to the heating system, or purely electric plug-in radiators. Towel radiators can be used to warm and dry towels.
  • Function of towel radiators
  • Modern bathroom radiators are designed with horizontal bars that heat up during operation. They are ideal for hanging-up towels and wash clothes. The radiator warms bath towels and hand towels. The classic bathroom radiator is connected to the flow and reverse flow of the heating system, just like a normal radiator. The hot water flows through the radiator and the horizontal bars, which in turn radiate heat into the room. Whereas a purely electric radiator is fitted with a heating cartridge, which heats up through an electrical current. This type of radiator is filled with a special heat carrier medium, which ensures an even distribution of heat within the radiator pipes. Many conventional bathroom radiators are also fitted with an electrical heating cartridge, so combined operation is also possible.

  • Electric heated towel rail
  • Electric radiators can be used flexibly and are easy to install. They can be operated independently of any existing heating system. A socket is all that is needed. This means that electric bathroom radiators can also be used when the household heating system is switched off. For example, on cooler summer days and in transitional months, you can still enjoy a cosy bathroom and warm towels. No just in winter, heating the bathroom can also prevent the damp and mould. The electronic thermostat controls the room temperature as desired. Another major advantage of electrically-powered bathroom radiators is that they can be easily installed retrospectively. As they require no connection to the heating system, choosing the right location for electric radiators is usually much easier.

  • Classic bathroom radiator
  • Classic bathroom radiators that are connected to the heating system are installed and operated like a normal radiator. They are available in various designs made of aluminium or steel. Designer radiators - particularly modern and elegant - are also available. Even traditional bathroom radiators are often fitted with an additional heating cartridge. These are simply connected to the power socket and allow the radiator to be operated electrically, independent of the plumbed heating system.

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