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High quality equipment has many advantages
High-quality equipment tailored to specific requirements enables smooth operation and increases safety at work. The right equipment ensures order at work, ensures the health and safety of employees and makes the work easier.
In order to increase work safety and protect the company's property, we offer products in the range safety and security. Products such as first aid boxes, medical cabinets and rescue blankets are essential in every company. Fire extinguishers are not only compulsory in most cases, but they are also an important part of fire protection, as they help to quickly and effectively contain fires.

With barrier chains and suitable barrier posts, areas can be clearly delimited or shut off. Products such as ram-protection bollards, heavy-duty steel barriers or a bumper buffer devices can effectively protect the facility from damage, such as may occur with the use of forklifts. High-quality locks in various designs can help protect company property against unwanted access.

High-quality and robust transport devices facilitate the transport of goods or material of all kinds. In addition, suitable transport equipment products and accessories can support with load securing or help with the lifting of heavy loads. Pallet trucks, such as fork lift trucks, allow easy movement of goods and products loaded on pallets. Transport vehicles are particularly useful in production, shipping or in the workshop. Tubular steel hand trucks and sack barrows can be used in a variety of ways in the factory or on the construction site.

High-quality wheelbarrows are invaluable on every construction site. To ensure that nothing gets lost along the way, tension straps and lashing nets can be used to secure cargo. Block trains in combination with lifting straps and round slings facilitate the lifting of heavy loads, improving the health of employees.

Sollen Flüssigkeiten gefördert, umgepumpt oder zur Betankung bereitgehalten werden, oder sollen Hydraulikanlagen gewartet oder ergänzt werden, so kommen Produkte aus dem Bereich Förderaggregate und Hydraulik zum Einsatz. Verschiedene Ausführungen von Pumpen, wie etwa Handpumpen oder Elektropumpen, können je nach Ausführung zum Fördern von verschiedenen Flüssigkeiten oder Schmierstoffen eingesetzt werden. Fasspumpen lassen sich hierbei direkt auf Fässer mit Ölen oder anderen Flüssigkeiten aufsetzen, und ermöglichen das bequeme und exakte Fördern und Dosieren des Fassinhalts.

Sollen dieselbetriebene Fahrzeuge, Maschinen oder Geräte aufgetankt werden, so kann dies mit Hilfe einer Dieseltankstelle, einer Dieseltankanlage oder einer Dieseltankstation komfortabel und sauber durchgeführt werden.

Produkte wie Öle, Lacke und Lasuren sorgen für eine ansprechende Gestaltung von Materialoberflächen und für den Witterungsschutz von Hölzern im Außenbereich. Auch weitere Produkte, wie etwa Beize, Markierspray oder Marker aller Art, lasse sich diesem Produktbereich zuordnen.

High-quality and well-thought-out operating equipment simplifies work processes and creates a pleasant working atmosphere. As an important part of the operating equipment, the set-up ensures order at the workplace and also increases occupational safety.

High-quality and stable workbenches and work chairs enable efficient work and increase ergonomics in the workplace. Organisational systems such as shelves, small parts magazines and storage boxes provide a good overview of what’s available and ensure that required parts are ready at hand. Well thought-out tool boxes, tool kits and other tool containers are particularly important for craftsmen and service technicians, who need to have their tools quickly at hand. With mirrors and good signage, occupational safety can be significantly increased.

Products in the occupational safety section help ensure employee safety and protect them against minor and even major injuries. Many activities in production as well as in crafts require special protective clothing. The wearing of personal protective equipment is also compulsory in many areas, such as safety shoes with steel caps or a workplace safety helmet. Protective helmets, protective goggles, safety shoes and special work clothing protect company employees against avoidable injuries.

With handheld lights and work lights, such as a battery LED work light, safety when working in a dark environment can be significantly increased. Special products make it easier to work in wet or very cold conditions, such as safety rubber boots or heated work shoes. In particularly noisy or dusty work environments, occupational safety products such as a dust mask or hearing protection protect employees from damaging influences.

The fittings and ironmongery section includes a wide range of products, such as hinges, angles and metal components of all types, which are available in numerous designs and sizes.

Hinges, clamps and locking bars can be used to build gates, doors or storage solutions in the workplace. Stable angles and angle connectors make the construction of wooden structures considerably easier.

When erecting a fence, the use of specialised products such as fence holders or post carriers, which are available in fence accessories is a clear choice.
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