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WS-Boxx®en – the clever box system for trades

WS-Boxxen The WS-Boxx® system is sophisticated box system designed specifically for tradesmen that offers many advantages. The robust transport boxes are made of impact and shock-resistant ABS plastic, and are available in numerous options. A variety of accessories, such as inserts and extensions, allow the boxes to be individually adapted to your needs. The system is also fully compatible with other L- Boxxes, including storage boxes and machine cases from major brand manufacturers. All WS System boxes and compatible cases can be easily connected to each other and transported with one handle. This makes transport easier, increases safety on the construction site and saves valuable working time.
ff WS-Boxx® are available in different sizes and designs. As well as empty boxes that you can fill as you need them, there is also a choice of pre-stocked WS theme boxes and toolboxes. There are various WS L-Boxxes with lids in different heights available in the proven basic version, which can be individually upgraded with compatible inserts. The WS LS-BOXX® version offers space for two drawers as well as the lid compartment, which are also available in different versions. The slide-in units lock firmly into the box, which means they cannot fall out during transport. This means that a power tool can be stored and transported easily in the lid compartment while the attachments and consumables can be stored in the slide-in units. If you don't need a lid compartment, the practical WS i-BOXX® racks are ideal for transporting slide-in units and drawers. The extra-large WS XL-BOXX®s, which can be combined with all WS L-Boxx®s using the lid, provide extra storage space. All other tools that you need close to hand on the construction site can be stored in the open WS LT-BOXX®s.

The WS-Boxx® system offers many advantages

WS-Boxxen Vorteile Whether used in the workshop, during transport or on the construction site - the WS-Boxx® system offers a number of impressive benefits. The robust construction of the boxes and the sophisticated design of the system make everyday work easier. Tools, spare parts and consumables can be conveniently stored and carried with the specially developed cases and transport containers. The boxes and transport cases are highly resilient because of their robust construction made of impact-resistant plastic that withstands the adverse conditions of workplaces. This means that high-quality machines and work equipment can be stored and transported safely. The optionally available inserts provide order in the workplace and on construction sites. Clear arrangements save time-consuming searches for the right component, and the modular design makes it easy to collect and carry the required materials at any time. This means you have everything to hand on side and avoid unnecessary journeys.
Boxxensystem With the WS box system, you save time and energy transporting the boxes to site. The different boxes can be joined and transported together with just one click. This makes it easier to safely load and transport the goods in suitable containers. Optional rollers for the box system make it easy to travel long distances with lots of tools. This means that you save time transporting the tools, especially on large construction sites where there is no direct access to the work site. The boxes can also impress in terms of safety when transported in a vehicle. Specially designed vehicle equipment and holders mean that the boxes can be stowed and stored safely. This increases protection in the event of an accident and keeps the vehicle tidy. Furthermore, the WS boxes can be combined with other system boxes. Just as useful is the extensive accessory range. Matching inserts and options make it easy to adapt system boxes to your individual need, whether you need a case for special measuring equipment or a box for tool storage.

Large selection of accessories available for WS Boxx®s

WS-Boxxen The matching range of accessories completes WS's sophisticated box system for trade and industry. This makes it even easier to store and transport tools, small parts and machine accessories. For example, specially adapted inserts are available for all WS-Boxx® variants, which can be used to adapt the system components to your particular needs. Suitable small parts inserts, foam inserts and cover inlays are available for each box version. Accessories, such as easily adaptable inserts made of pre-cut foam, make it easy to customise the boxes at any time. This makes it just as easy to use as a tool box for special tools as it is to use it as a service case or measuring device box. WS also offers pre-made inserts that fit perfectly into the boxes. There is space for one or more of the specially assembled tool inserts in the WS-Boxx®, depending on the version. Specially adapted transport vehicles and vehicle equipment are also available as accessories for WS-Boxx®s.
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