Contact and immersion thermostats

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Contact and immersion thermostats for temperature control
Contact and immersion thermostats allow reliable temperature restriction and control. They can be used, for example, when installing a heating or hot water system. While a contact thermostat can be fitted to a pipe from outside and measure the temperature there, an immersion thermostat has an integrated immersion sensor for the heating system. Contact and immersion thermostats are available in various designs for many areas of application. The maximum control range of an immersion thermostat can be 120 degrees or just 90 degrees.
A contact thermostat can be attached directly and easily to pipes by means of a band clamp. This makes it possible to control the temperature of a heating circuit for example. The temperature range required can be set and restricted using a rotary control. Models of contact thermostats with either external or internal scales are available. A design with an internal scale is suitable, for example, if the temperature range does not have to be adjusted frequently after installation. In addition, the models with an internal scale prevent unwanted adjustment of the temperature range by unauthorised persons or accidental changes when working on the system. Contact thermostats with an external scale, on the other hand, allow fast, convenient adjustment of the temperature range. The various contact thermostats can be used in different ways in the field of heating installation. In conjunction with underfloor heating, fitting a contact thermostat may also be necessary to control the temperature in order to avoid damage to floor coverings, for example, in the event of a defect.
Copper thermowells allow convenient fitting of immersion thermostats in a heating circuit, for example. A defective immersion thermostat can also be replaced easily at a later date with a new one. The copper thermowells with brass installation thread are available in various designs which vary in length and thread diameter. Further accessories for immersion thermostats include items such as thermally conductive paste, retaining clamps and compression springs.
Immersion thermostats from WATTS are available in various designs as simple immersion thermostats, as safety temperature limiters and as boiler double thermostats. The temperature range of the thermostats can be set individually by means of a controller. The WATTS immersion thermostats are available with internal or external scales.
JUMO thermostats are available in the form of contact, immersion and housing thermostats in numerous models. Depending on the design, they come with internal or external scales. The double heating thermostat from JUMO has a safety temperature monitor and a safety temperature limiter, which are two independent systems. The contact thermostats from JUNO are also available with a remote lead that can be pulled out.
Immersion thermostats from alre can be used in various ways in heating technology, storage tanks and boiler systems. They are available in numerous different designs with various control ranges. The different models also differ in terms of the length of the thermowell and they are supplied with internal or external adjustment.
Various integrated thermostats and temperature monitors can be installed in devices or serve as a replacement for a defective thermostat. The components are available in various models and designs with variable or fixed temperature ranges. Depending on the model, they can be used as safety temperature controllers, for example, or as safety temperature limiters.
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