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High quality products from the electrical range allow all electrical engineering, building technology and light technology components to be installed reliably and safely.

High-quality cables for all areas of application

A wide range of Cables and lines allow electrical energy to be transferred, antenna and satellite systems to be connected, and digital or analogue signals to be transmitted. Cables and lines often need to meet special requirements, and must be tailored to the respective application, and this is particularly the case in electrical engineering. For instance Earthing cables, Moisture-proof cables, Tape conduits or special heat-resistant cables can satisfy these stringent requirements in the electrical engineering field.

Efficiently laying and securely fastening lines

Products from the Laying, pipes and ducts range make it easier to install cables and lines. Cable ducts, cable conduits Cable trays and plastic corrugated pipes allow a wide range of lines to be laid quickly, and also protect them from other influences, depending on their design. Other products such as Cable retraction systems and Cable unwinders make it particularly easy to lay cables of all types, and make work much more efficient.

Secure installation with distributors and rail-mounted devices

The Distributing, securing and rail-mounted devices consists of products that are distributing electrical energy or signals in telecommunication technology. In the first instance, this includes electrical distributors such as distribution cabinets, meter cabinets, building current distributors or small distributors. For example, there is a wide range of automatic safety devices, switches, relays, fault-current circuit breakers, and even timer switches and digital electricity meters available to choose from that can be used as rail-mounted devices for installation in distributors.

Protection from overvoltage and preventing fires from spreading

Products from the Earthing, lightning and fire protection range ensure effective protection from overvoltages and fires. Profile rod earth connections or earth rods ensure proper plant, installation, system and device earthing combined with appropriate connectors and earth connection terminals. On the other hand, devices from the Overvoltage protection category such as Surge arresters and Overvoltage protection adapters ensure protection from overvoltages that may occur in the event of a lightning strike.

A large selection due to an extensive range of switches

The switch range offers various switches for a huge number of potential applications. This includes surface-mounted switches and surface-mounted sockets from various manufacturers, as well as surface-mounted switches, surface-mounted sockets and the appropriate frames in each case. Installation switches alongside empty housings and small switches, such as for installation in equipment and special plug-in devices, complete the switch range.

Secure connection with innovative products

Innovative products from the Connection, laying and insulation material area allow lines or wires to be connected, and make electrical installation simple. Accessories such as terminal strips, connection terminals and light terminals, as well as device sockets and junction boxes for surface installation, flush installation or cavity wall fitting are indispensable tools for electrical installation. You will also find other products such as compression fittings and ferrules, as well as insulation materials such as insulating tape and shrink tubing.

Connection and distribution

Plug connections and current distributors provide a connection that is always secure, and power distribution to multiple consumers, if required. These days, you can’t live without products such as extension cables, cable drums and multiple socket adapters in the modern home, but this is also the case on the construction site and in industry. Products like garden sockets, which ensure you no longer need to roll out the extension cable, have proven to be really convenient, such as when you need to connect an electric lawnmower or other electrical devices.

Modern building technology ensures convenience

The Building technology range consists of a multitude of technical devices and systems for building installation such as monitoring technology devices, Antenna technology or Alarm systems. Signal units such as smoke detectors, gas detectors or water detectors are also in this category. There are also modern Door intercom systems that enable you to see who is at your door from the inside, thanks to a built-in video interface. Shutter technology and Garage door technology products, which enable roller shutters and garage doors to be opened and closed automatically, also come under this category, as well as other technical devices such as Audio amplifiers and loudspeaker boxes.

Pleasant light with modern lamps

Modern lamps provide pleasant light and help you to save money. In this regard, special Outdoor lights are available for outdoor use, which are tailor-made for this application on account of their particular structure, which helps them brave the wind and rain. Alongside various lights such as External wall lights or External stand lights, Wall floodlights are also available that effectively illuminate larger outdoor surfaces. Wall floodlights with LED technology or Solar wall floodlights are available alongside conventional wall floodlights with tried-and-tested halogen technology.
As far as Indoor lights are concerned, the range comprises a huge selection of Ceiling lights, Wall lights, Fitted lights or spotlights, as well as innovative products such as an LED cabinet light with motion detector. Special moisture-proof lights can also be installed in damp adjoining rooms or cellars, and they also have modern LED technology built-in. Other lamps such as Torches and LED headlamps are crucial in every household and every construction site. In this case, lights such as Work lights, handheld lights and construction site flood lamps are also extremely valuable.

Appropriate lamps and batteries for various applications

Various Lights and batteries are appropriate replacements in all types of lamp, and ensure that small devices are reliably supplied with electricity. There are a wide range of lamp versions to choose from in this respect, such as Halogen lamps, energy-saving lamps or numerous Fluorescent tube designs, which will enable you to find the right lamp for any light. Modern Lamps with LED technology feature particularly low electricity consumption, and they can help you to save energy. Various Battery designs in small, mobile equipment, they can also be purchased as rechargeable batteries.
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