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Solar fluid concentrate, model F Standard 1
  • Solar fluid concentrate, model F Standard 1

Solar fluid concentrate, model F

  XXX.XX €/unit | XXX.XX €/unit
The heat transfer fluids, based on propylene glycol, are refined with high-quality corrosion protection admixtures and stabilisers to prevent incrustations and hardness precipitations. The inhibitor system safely protects all metal materials that are normally used (except for galvanised steel) from corrosion and deposits.
• Non-toxic and biodegrades well
• Not subject to labelling. Water hazard class: 1
• Optimal operating temperature for:
- Model V, F und S1: -28ºC to + 170ºC (max.200ºC)
- Model HT -24ºC to + 260ºC
• For flat and vacuum pipe collectors
• green coloured
• Mix recommendation: 50:50
• Corrosion safety: from 35% concentrate
• Contents: 10 kg
Frost protection mixing table:
35%: -15 °C
40%: -19 °C
45%: -22 °C
50%: -28 °C
• Check frost protection and PH value on an annual basis!

• Only desalinated or de-mineralised water should be used at high temperatures!
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